Drone 720x – Take amazing pictures and videos from the sky!

If you are the type of person who likes adventures, is amazed by beautiful sights and constantly watches videos or pictures that are taken using drones, or you simply want to have a personal archive of amazing pictures and videos from your holidays, then this drone is the perfect product for you. It’s called Drone 720x and is the perfect match between quality and price!

Now let’s talk a bit about this drone and what it can do.

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Drone 720x on the market

Nowadays, people are getting more and more drawn to technology and to keep their interest, all major tech companies developed a new “toy” for them. Drones are small devices, controlled remotely, that are used to capture images and videos from the sky. The images are incredible and with the help of a drone you can reach amazing angles that will give you some unique videos and pictures.

There are a lot of drones on the market and the main problem is that most of them are too expensive. If you find one that is cheap, most likely it has low features and it will broke in a short time. Sure, you can pay a ton of money and get one with exclusive features, but you’ll end up paying a lot for some features that you won’t even use.

I researched a lot before deciding to go for Drone 720x. It has the best rapport between what it can do and what you pay for it.

Drone 720x Features

Camera – this drone comes with a 720p video resolution meaning HD quality videos and 30 framerates per second. The videos look really good, there are not frame drops and the video goes smoothly.

Battery life -8 minutes flying time. This means that you can fly the drone for 8 minutes, enough time to capture what you need. If it seems a short time, don’t worry. You will have a battery and charger included.

Speed – 80km/h. I like this feature a lot because it enables me to cover 22 meters per second. It looks fantastic, you can create some stunning videos using this speed.

Control range – 70m. The range is pretty decent for this drone. You can get some amazing views with this feature, and as I said, the price is really good for this.

What is special about Drone 720x?

Besides the above features, who by the way, are the best that you can get at this price, Drone 720x comes with some additional advantages:

  • It’s very easy to operate. Th build in flight controls are easy to use and it helps to keep the drone steady and in control all the time.
  • Another nice feature is that you can live stream with it. I used this several times and enjoyed it all live, on my phone. This comes really handy, you don’t risk capturing videos with the drone hoping for good views and when you download the video you see that it’s not that great. With live stream, you can adjust the drone as you film for the best views.
  • The videos look really good as well. The 720p camera gives sharp and clear images and I must say that I’m more than satisfied with how the camera behaves. I forced the drone at high speed to check if the videos will look foggy but it’s not the case. Even with high speeds, the video was stable and smooth.
  • And last, I was excited to see that the drone has an altitude control. I was able to set up the drone to fly over to altitudes established by me and it behaved exactly as I wanted.

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The best price for this quality

As I said at the beginning, Drone 720x is the best one you can get at a good price. It’s the perfect combination between good features and a decent price. I am very pleased with it and I was more than satisfied with what I paid for. I had another look on their page now, and saw that it has different discounts and special offers. Another great ticket is the free delivery which is always nice to have.

What’s more to know about Drone 720X?

I remember researching a lot when I decided to buy a drone. I looked on tutorials, on what drones can do, on what I want them to do and saw that I need some specific features to be satisfied. And this is exactly what this product gave me. You can check their page, which is very well structured and decide for yourself. As I said, to me, this looks like the best deal if you want to buy a drone.

50% discount